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Private tours

Are you interested in a private tour just for you, your family, friends or with your colleagues?

Book a tour with us now!

The private tour includes a professional tour guide, urban style bicycles with a basket and helmets. The tour takes you around all of the old city, including the Centenario Park and Getsemani neighborhood!

Please note that the private tours do not work under the free tour concept and have a different pricing. We handle the best prices of the city!

Available: on demand, Monday to Sunday, usually mornings – ask more & book your private tour by contacting us!

Book now via Whatsapp +573017825595 or email pedal@freebikingtourcartagena.com

Free tour concept

The free tour concept has been actively used for a long time and is known world-wide. The basis of this concept is that the client does not pay for the service of the tour guide, no matter which type the tour is. At the end of the tour it’s common to leave a tip to the guide as a “thank you” for providing this tour.

Free tour concept was created to make tours more accessible for more people – at the beginning mainly for travelers who travel on a budget. Commonly the tour guide’s service is well valued and therefore often very pricey. In free tour concept the tour guide shares the knowledge and expertise for free and the customers can leave a tip as they see suitable based on how the appreciated the tour, the tour guide’s work or how their budget allows.

Also, one other reason why free tour concept was created is to invite people to have their first guided tour experience. The price of a tour guides service often might not feel encouraging for a first try, but the free tour concept gives a chance to every person to see how much more one can learn with the help of a tour guide. Hopefully in the future the customers are more willing to choose a tour guide’s service and learn to appreciate the service more and more with every tour.

A Misconception about the free tours

The word ‘free’ has an obvious appeal to budget-conscious travelers but it’s also can make one’s alarm bells go off – especially in relation to something that traditionally has a relatively substantial cost and makes up a significant part of a particular industry, such as guided tours. But the word “free” doesn’t mean worthless, quite the contrary. It’s a concept which actually can be obliged to deliver more than the traditional paid tour and something which can be truly valuable, worthwhile, and rewarding to all types of travelers.


The difficulty of the free tours

The risk of the free tour concept for the guide is not feeling valued based on the effort for the work. As there is no certain or common amount one should tip the tour guide, it leaves the power to the customer to decide what he or she thinks the tour is worth. On one hand this might be a feedback for the tour guide, on the other hand the tour guide might go back to more traditional ways of guiding meaning it’s harder in the future to find a tour that is affordable to people who are travelling on a budget. Thankfully the free tour concept is getting more known by every day meaning there are more travelers aware of the worth of a tour guide’s service and there are more and more tour guides and companies starting to work under this concept.

Free Biking Tour Cartagena

Free Biking Tour Cartagena was created in the year 2017 by two enthusiastic people. The idea came when one of them was traveling and wanted to take a guided tour, but found the budget too limiting. From that emotion the idea to create the very first free tour concept biking tour here in Cartagena was born.

As we are a free biking tour, we need to ask for the rental of the bike. With this, we keep the bikes in a good condition, well-oiled, checked and fixed. We regularly clean the helmets, check and change the breaks and recently we also repainted our bikes. All our bikes are custom made beach bike style bikes, all in Colombian flag colors. To make your ride even more comfortable, each bike has a basket in front, so you can keep your personal items and water in the basket.
The tour guide’s service = the tour is free and in the end you are very welcome to leave a tip as a “thank you” to the tour guide in the happy box. We don’t have a recommended tip amount, our wish is to offer an affordable tour. In all cases, we promise to offer a professional tour, which is well thought-through and educative and fun at the same time.

You are welcome to join us – just write us via Whatsapp to book your spot: +573017825595

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