Welcome to Cartagena de Indias and on the web page of Free Biking Tour Cartagena! The best welcoming tour in Cartagena – we show you all of the old city and later it is easier to choose what you wish to see more! We also share tips and recommendations during & after the tours!

Free Biking Tour Cartagena – created to show all of Cartagena old city to people who are interested in learning the history and enjoying the city while biking with a affordable price! Highest quality & lowest price!

Our company is approved by Cartagena local goverment – meaning that our team meets the requirements of safety and responsability connecting with Covid-19


We want to offer a dynamic, cheap and environment friendly option to make getting to know Cartagena city faster, easier and budget-friendly.


We provide unique custom-made bikes with baskets and professional tour guides, support persons and a team mechanic, all with a lot of experience to offer you an easy and eco-friendly way to explore Cartagena.



Book now via Whatsapp +573017825595 or email pedal@freebikingtourcartagena.com

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